About VIPGo Project. General Information

I would like to know everything that makes your project unique, what is your special feature?

Our special feature is our e-wallets which include cards and bank accounts. With us you can send, receive and deposit crypto and VIPGo. A card shall help you in your personal expenses. For example, you can exchange 1 ETH and get some EUR to your card and immediately go shopping.

VIPGo strives not only to fill an empty void in the crypto-market, but offers a competitive edge for all users who want to improve their experience with the digital currency. Unlike other digital banks on the market, VIPGo uses its own self-developed solution which comes with the lowest fees in the industry and well-protected system. All of the aforementioned factors make VIPGo as the most attractive choice for investors and crypto enthusiasts around the globe.

Do you have documentation where I can find out more about your AML/KYC and bank fees?

What would you consider to be your main market globally? What kind of plans do you have?

We want to become number one crypto bank with VIPGo solution. Our coverage includes all countries except forbidden or black-listed ones. Our users are all-natural persons willing to open an e-wallet with us.

Nowadays, we start looking for regional partners who can be part of our team. So, any of our community member can become VIPGo’s partner. We regard our community as our strength source and want to maintain direct dialogue.

Another our desire is that we want our community to participate in VIPGo’s activities. For example, we plan to organize voting within the community on important matters and the community voice will be counted as one voice at the top management’s meetings. It means that the community will be some kind of collective director.

Are you working with all countries?

Despite the fact that we intend to be a global crypto player, we do not cooperate with the black-listed countries stated in our Blacklist (forbidden) and High-risk countries. If you are from high-listed country, be ready to pass our Enhanced Due Diligence according to our AML/KYC Policy.

Describe the goals of your project in simple words. What is your concept?

The main idea is that we provide an all-in e-wallet with a link to card and bank account. We understand that it’s very convenient for any crypto user.

Our goals are:

  • to become one of the leading banks providing convenient and all-in crypto-VIPGo solution;
  • to pump up our token which is backed up by our unique product;
  • to develop regional offices in all major countries;
  • to gain very substantial liquidity on deposits and VIPGo paired to BTC, USDT and ETH;
  • to prophet our idea to the whole world because we strongly believe our project is absolutely best.

How long have you been in this crypto field? How old is your project?

VIPGo has been active since December 2019 but it’s a part of various US financial groups under escrow/lending umbrellas since 2018

Does the project support staking? Do you plan integrating charity in your project?

We have plans on staking in November. In late autumn we are also planning to accept charity, loans to startups, etc.

When will it launch?

VIPGo launch is scheduled for late October on various crypto trading platforms.

What languages do you support?

The main language of our website and Telegram is English. Anyway, we have German, French, Spanish and Russian speakers, who can help with any issue. Just send your request to

Where can I request additional support?

Feel free to ask any questions by sending an email to

What cryptocurrencies do you accept?

Our digital solution accepts most popular and globally accepted currencies, such as: USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, AUD, CAD, etc. Please see the full list below:


Where can I find your fees and commissions?

For your convenience, we put this information in one document “Tariffs” on the VIPGo website. If you need any further information regarding our tariffs, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to

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