About Us

About Us

Why join us?

  • Reliable protection of your instruments
  • All in E-wallet with 25 crypto, 22 fiat and 21 IBAN currencies
  • Self-developed Software
  • 15 minutes start
  • Cross-chain platform: ERC20 (BEP20 BSC, TRC20 coming soon)
  • Three-factor authentication (3FA)
  • Own EU bank with proper licenses, allows you to conduct all regular bank operations
  • Instant crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat exchange
  • Our own brand new FIAT Token
  • Various fiat solutions – like in a mobile bank
  • Lowest fees in the industry, they are unbelievable!

Idea and Competitors

Idea In 2020 we found out that the digital world is in desperate need of a combined e-wallet consisting of all crypto currencies with an ability to exchange crypto-crypto and linked to a card and a bank account. Within the next year we developed a reliable and convenient system allowing our users to instantly exchange any crypto to any crypto, any crypto to any fiat or any fiat to any fiat. So naturally we created perhaps the best digital bank which can be used by anyone. We believe that we can fill in a very empty niche in the industry.

Competitors There are just a few digital banks at the moment. However they all use a third party fiat solutions. We use our own fiat solution with lower fees and undisturbed reliable service. In fact, many of said competitors are seeking to obtain our services. But in any way, they can’t provide unique card design and e-wallet design for each of their user while we can.

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